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History of Prior Cases

Below is a list of the results from representative cases Andrew J. Harger has litigated to conclusion across a sample six-month time frame, which do not involve confidentiality agreements and can be released to the public.

- The primary researcher and writer for a divorce that resulted in an award of over $184 million in cash to client.  CNBC has determined this divorce to be the 10th largest divorce award in the history of the world.

- Trial counsel for wife in In re Marriage of Weisman where the appellate court determined that trial counsel had proved that a house purchased by the husband prior to the marriage was purchased in contemplation of marriage and was, therefore, marital property.

- Obtained contempt finding against ex-husband in a post-decree case.  Ex-husband was sentenced to jail for failure to comply with the court's order.

- Defeated a post-decree Petition to Modify Joint Parenting Agreement that would have reduced client's visitation time.

- Obtained a post-decree modification of settlement agreement for husband compelling ex-wife to move from and sell former marital residence.

- Obtained a finding of contempt against an ex-husband who had failed to give wife her share of marital assets and pay her attorney's fees.  Assets and fees were paid within 30 days of contempt finding.

- Obtained a judgment for child support deviating below guidelines on behalf of father.

- Defeated a petition for order of protection alleging father had abused and allowed the abuse of minor children.

- Trial counsel for Australian father in an international child abduction case (under the Hague Convention) resulting in the U.S. States Court of Appeals and U.S. District Court ordering the return of children to Australia.

- Obtained a finding of contempt against a father who had failed to pay child support.  One-hundred percent of the past due child support was paid by the father after the contempt finding.

- Obtained a post-decree modification of Joint Parenting Agreement awarding father expanded visitation with minor child.

- Negotiated a settlement agreement awarding client 60% of $15 million marital estate.

- Obtained a judgment awarding sole custody for father in after three week contested custody trial involving the testimony of three expert witnesses.

- Terminated $20,000 per month monthly maintenance obligation based upon ex-wife's conjugal cohabitation with boyfriend.

- Secured 50% visitation time with father's daughter after mother made unfounded drug and alcohol abuse allegations.

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