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Why You Should Hire a Sole Practitioner as Your Divorce Attorney

There are several benefits to hiring a sole practitioner as your divorce attorney.

One of the main benefits is that you will have a more personalized and individualized approach to your case. A sole practitioner is a lawyer who works independently and does not have any partners or associates. This means that they are solely responsible for handling all aspects of your case, from start to finish. Ask yourself whether you'd rather have a just out of law school new lawyer doing the bulk of the work on your case (as is the case in most bigger law firms) or whether you'd rather have the seasoned and experienced lawyer you talked to when you hired the firm. A sole practitioner will give you

more one-on-one attention and can tailor their legal strategy to your specific needs and goals.

Another benefit of working with a sole practitioner is that they often have lower overhead costs than larger law firms. You will not pay for one lawyer to talk to another lawyer about your case. You will not pay for two lawyers to do the same thing. This can translate into lower legal fees for you, which can be a significant advantage during a divorce, which can be a financially stressful time.

In addition, a sole practitioner is often more flexible and responsive than a larger law firm. They may be more open to negotiating alternative fee arrangements, such as a flat fee or hourly rate, and are often more willing to work with clients to find a payment plan that fits their budget.

Overall, hiring a sole practitioner as your divorce attorney can provide you with a more personalized, cost-effective, and flexible legal experience.


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