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In 2005, Andrew Harger began a concentration in family law as the senior associate for legendary Chicago divorce lawyer Howard Rosenfeld.  For more than seven years at Rosenfeld Hafron Shapiro & Farmer he litigated countless numbers of complicated custody and financial  cases.


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​Andrew J. Harger represents individuals in a variety of family law disputes throughout the Chicago area.  A divorce attorney must understand that family law disputes have a legal as well as an emotional component. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with dedicated representation with compassion. 



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If you have a divorce or family law issue then you need to speak with an attorney who is competent to help you create a strategy for solving it.  Andrew J. Harger has the experience and knowledge to implement a strategy to solve your specific problem.  Contact the office today by phone (312-408-7000) or email ( for a confidential consultation regarding your situation.


Do It Yourself Divorce Information (Applicable for Illinois Courts)

Information and downloadable forms regarding Do It Yourself Divorces for Illinois Court cases.

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